Confessions of a Yearly Physical Procrastinator


Today I am scheduled for my well woman yearly physical.  Not always the bright spot of the day but a necessary one. In order to catch any problems early we endure the yearly exam. Our annual physical exam is part of preventive healthcare.

My husband and daughter actually made my appointment for me as I have been procrastinating for the past year.  I realize this is not at all an acceptable behavior, especially at my age……….don’t ask!  But here we are, today is the day.

I think the most stressful thing about this is getting ready for it.  We shower and spritz and make sure we are squeaky clean and smell good…..oh come on now you know you are with me on this!

Overall I feel healthy and energetic with a few minor details to discuss with my GYNO so we shall see how it goes.

I have had the same Doctor since 1984.  He knows me well so I am comfortable going to him.  I suppose it is just the fear of the unknown……..stepping on the scale, my cholesterol,  the blood work……… he going to find anything wrong?

I am grateful for my health and will do what I need to maintain it, so I will endure with a happy face this complete yearly physical and thank my daughter and husband for staying after me to get this done.

Note: I am in no way down-playing the importance of the yearly physical exam at all.

As we age our needs change and will have different concerns that our doctors will help us through.

Click this link to view important Women’s Health issues for all stages of life. This is but one of many sites. Do your homework, stay connected to your doctor…….Enjoy your Life!

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