Ramsey Cascades Trail: kicked my butt!

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My husband and I decided to go hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains and chose the Ramsey Cascade trail.

Click here Ramsey Cascades to learn about this beautiful waterfall and the trail to it.
The whole trail up and back is 8 miles.  We started out on the first part of the trail thinking, “this isn’t so bad!”    My husband and I are active and workout,etc.,but after about a mile and a half in we found out just what we were getting ourselves into.  When they say, “strenuous in difficulty” they mean it!   You start to feel the elevation change and the rocks and tree roots begin to make the hike increasingly difficult.

Make sure you bring plenty of water and we packed a lunch to eat once we reached the  waterfall.

On our way back down we came upon a mommy,daddy and baby black bear family. We saw them at about 100 feet from us. The baby bear scurried up the tree and the mommy and daddy bears stared at us from beneath the tree. We stopped in our tracks and slowly went back up the trail a bit keeping our eyes on the Bears. After a bit of waiting and keeping quiet as a mouse, we slowly started back down the trail passed the bear family. Whew!!!!  They were a beautiful family, but we were not thinking of getting any pics of them at that moment!


pic of a black bear at a local bbq place close to Ramsey Cascades

  Ramsey Cascades is Beautiful and worth the effort to get to it.  Once we arrived to the waterfall we knew it was so worth it.  So beautiful. Hikers come from all over to view the spectacular water fall.  But keep in mind this hike will, “kick your butt!”

Feeling a sense of accomplishment  for completing this hike, it is always good to push yourself and achieve what feels at the moment to be impossible.  But we are going to be sore! 


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