Kimonos are Kool

You can call me a bit obsessed with Kimonos lately.

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Kimonos are Kool




noun: kimono; plural noun: kimonos

  1. a long, loose robe with wide sleeves and tied with a sash, originally worn as a formal garment in Japan and now also used elsewhere as a robe. Origin Japanese.

        Kimono Definition via Google

Warm days and cool nights of summer call for comfortable relaxed clothing styles and I believe the Kimono fits that description perfectly.

You can call me a bit obsessed with Kimonos lately.  Most styles are perfect for throwing on over a dress, shorts or jeans.  Or wear one as a dress alone.  The Kimono shirt is great with skinny jeans or tights.

Click on this link for a brief history of the Kimono from

Kimonos have been popping up everywhere in a wide variety of fabrics and lengths. From the more elaborate to the Boho Chic, Kimonos are versatile and flattering for all body types and women of all ages. An all around great piece(s) to have in your closet.

Check out some Kimonos I’ve included on my Pinterest Board,

Kimonos are Kool:

kimono pinterest

Or, stop by ETSY where I curated a Treasury of stunning Kimonos:

kimono etsy

I love vintage, obsessed really, and love mixing vintage with modern items. Below are some amazing vintage Kimonos. Enjoy!

Vintage Silk Haori Jacket Vintage Kimono Purple Floral Kimono Jacket

Vintage kimono  black  NAKADA JAPAN. Long.

1940s Tiger Embroidery Silk Kimono Robe - Men's Small - Medium - Personalized 'Ben' - Authentic 30s to 40s - Burgundy - Chest 40 - 43067

Vintage Lavender or Purple Kimono. Silk Robe. Lined. Juban. Mens. Womens.

Vintage Kimono. Mens. Womens. Juban. Indigio. Silk Robe. Japan. Medium. Large.

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