Crazy Colorful Ring Making Obsession

I’ll make a ring out of just about anything-obsessed actually with making rings!!

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I was shopping in Jo-Anns the other day for a couple of projects that I am working on and I came across these buttons. Loved them immediately and had to get them!  Several ideas came to mind on what to make with them but I decided that I wanted to make a ring.  Honestly, I’ll make a ring out of just about anything-obsessed actually with making rings!!  For me it is an instant gratification craft!  If i’m pressed for time and just gotta create, then this is my go to…………RINGS!

Super simple and doesn’t require a complete toolbox to make!


Supplies: Buttons or other object of choice, E6000 Glue, Ring Blanks, Clothes Pins

Remove buttons from packaging and smooth out the backs by cutting away the shank. (I used my wire cutters)


Spread some E6000 on one of the buttons and glue together.


Distress the ring blank pad, I just scratched it up a bit with my wire cutters or you could scruff it up with your drill. (I think it helps the glue adhere better) then glue your buttons to the ring pad.


Use the clothes pins to hold in place until completely dry. I like to let them at least overnight, as an example.



Done! Enjoy!

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