Raw Cashew Milk


Recently I posted my Almond Milk recipe on my Blog:
I loved it and while talking with family over the weekend about the homemade Almond Milk,

we thought why couldn’t you make Cashew Milk as well?

Turns out………. you can!

See recipe and pictures below.
Raw Cashew Milk

2 cups raw cashews

6 cups filtered water

High Speed Blender


Nut Milk Bag

Soak Cashews in water approx. 4 hours or overnight

Drain in strainer and rinse

Add to blender with 6 cups filtered water

Blend for 2 minutes or until smooth

Pour into nut milk bag and squeeze all milk out.

Pour strained milk in glass container and refrigerate.
This milk is creamy and delicious-enjoy chilled-so good!!
I like mine as is. I did not add any sweetener or flavors.

But you could add a sweetener of your choice or just about anything you like.


While researching Raw Cashew Milk, I came across some information that I was unaware

of regarding consuming raw cashews. I am by no means an expert on this subject so I will share some

links and you can make your own conclusions about what is right for you,



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