An Evening in October at the Beach

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It has been immensely intense and highly emotional couple of weeks and for us going to the beach is a way to reflect,meditate, destress and connect with each other. It is our time to throw off our sandals and dig our toes in the sand. To float in the water and soak in the warmth of the sun. Most of all there  is something so soothing about the sound of the waves rolling in, so calming and relaxing.  Spending time at the beach especially at sunset is an amazing and inspiring gift we do not take for granted. The sky is lit up with such magnificent  color as the sun slowly sets. Every sunset is so different and beautiful. 

As we sit here on an evening in October at the beach at the end of a tough day we are able to leave all the mess behind. It is during these moments here at the beach, we are reminded of how blessed we are through it all and so very thankful for it all.


    Photo Credit:Faithe Collins

Photo Credit:Faithe Collins


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