At Home Acrylic Nail Application….what am I thinking?

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While shopping in the nail polish aisle I noticed on the very bottom shelf a home application Acrylic Sculpture Nail Kit.   I kept trying to ignore it, but I did need my nails done and did not have the time to go to the nail salon. I gave in and grabbed the kit and put it in my cart.  “Nice little challenge to see if I can in fact put these on without too much of a mess,” I told myself.  HA!
As it turned out, It was not too bad of an application. Easy enough. The tricky step for me was the acrylic.  I was a bit heavy handed with  it which then required a lot of filing to get the right shape.

I used Sally Hansen nail polish in Lightening.  I like to call it Spaghetti Squash Yellow!

Overall  I am happy with how they turned out.  It’s fun to do them yourself once in awhile.

Give it a try!


Products used:   

Sally Hansen Nail Color                      KISS Nails

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