Kit Kat Candy Cake


I love making cakes, specifically customizing them for all the birthdays in my family.  Oh, not all of them have turned out as I had planned, but I have had some pretty good successes!

Some of the cakes I have made include a pink and black cake using fondant.  A girl lying on the beach cake, a hamburger shaped cake. A daisy flower shape cake using fondant.  I have created a Starbucks Mint Chocolate Chip Frappuccino  shaped cake.  And another creation was the cassette tape from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  I have even made an April Fools cake using meatloaf as the cake and mashed potatoes as the icing. I have made a Tonka Truck cake. And many other cakes of varying shapes and flavors.

One of my most memorable fails was when I tried making a rainbow cake and it fell over, so my sisters came to the rescue and we took the cake and made it into cake pops.

Today’s cake chosen by my granddaughter, Amya, for her 14th birthday is the Kit Kat Candy Cake with Tiny Reeses on top.


amya cake with candeAmya cakeAmya standing by cake

I think it turned out pretty good!  See step by step pictures below.

I’d love to see your cake creations as well.  Please share yours with me!



2015-10-18 20.36.38 2015-10-18 20.41.39 2015-10-18 20.47.04 2015-10-18 20.50.03 2015-10-18 20.51.22 2015-10-18 20.52.09 2015-10-19 11.33.57 2015-10-19 11.55.19 2015-10-19 13.34.27 2015-10-19 13.34.40 2015-10-19 13.35.00 2015-10-19 13.35.31 2015-10-19 13.36.172015-10-19 13.44.46 2015-10-19 13.45.10 2015-10-19 13.48.02 2015-10-19 13.48.09 2015-10-19 13.49.06 2015-10-19 13.49.13 2015-10-19 13.49.23 2015-10-19 13.49.44 2015-10-19 13.49.59

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