Quick and Easy Tulle Wreath for Autumn


My fav time of year- Autumn!!

The colors are my absolute favorite – they are calming and comforting to me.

Was in Hobby Lobby and spotted all the colors of Autumn in this tulle fabric. The wheels started turning and I came up with this wreath.

The best part is you can customize this to what ever color you want and to match any holiday or decor.

It was quick, easy and fun to do !

This is what you will need:

Wire wreath form. Mine is 16 inches round.

Yards of colorful tulle. I bought about a half yard if each of my colors.


That’s it!

Let’s do this:

Lay out all your tulle on top of each other in a pile.

Start cutting strips. Mine are about 3″ wide.

Once your strips are cut,  start tying them to your wire wreath form. I chose to tie them in a bow. It made them fuller on the frame.

Continue tying them all around the frame.  You can make it as loose or full as you like.

You are done!

Hang it and enjoy!





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