Quickie Weekend Crafting

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Nothing is more satisfying to me than to be able to whip up something creative and especially if it is a craft that is quick, easy and satisfies my creative appetite. So in the midst of an extremely busy weekend, I was able to satisfy my crafting craving and make these two fun and quick creations.


Crochet Scarf


When I don’t have a lot of time to spend, but I  just have to craft (instant gratification) I always reach for my crochet hook.  It is a portable craft and with few supplies needed you can create something fun and useful in no time at all.

I am not real fond of following patterns.  I like to make up my stitch as I go especially if I want it done fast. (I am slowly warming up to the challenge to really follow a pattern!)  I do start with your basic chain stitch and then a form of a a double crochet with a bit of single crochet thrown in.  Below is what I made using 2 skeins of the Isaac Mizrahi Craft Yarn in #1868 called Rockefeller. And the Boye Crochet Hook in size US P/11.5 mm. This is a jumbo plastic crochet hook.  My finished piece measures at 56 inches long by 6 inches wide.  I can’t wait to wear it. The color is amazing and has a bit of sparkle to it.



image image image image image image image



Hardware Stick Man



Another one of my favorite quickie crafts are made using items from the hardware aisle at my local hardware store. Like washers and bolts and wire etc.

image image

I absolutely love to make hardware jewelry! But as I strolled the aisles I came up with this quick nuts and bolts little guy.  He is so cute sitting on my desk!

My Hardware Stick Man was so easy to make.  See photos below for the steps and supplies needed to complete him. Patience is the key with this craft as you must give the glue some time to dry.  TIP: As I assembled each piece, I applied the E6000 Glue  and let it set a bit before adhering the different segments of the stick man together.



image imageimage

I added two different sized flat washers to the rope loop for stability for the “body” of my stick man.  You can even use a bit larger flat washer as well.

imageimageimage imageimage    imageimageimage

Set these two segments aside to dry a bit before attaching the head portion to the body portion.

image  image

I used clothes pins to anchor the whole piece until it was completely dry. Usually overnight.

image  image



Hope these two crafts inspire you to create a Quickie Craft of your own design!


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