My 2015 Daily Digital is Complete

2015 Daily Digital

Click link above to go to my 2015 Daily Digital by cjBlue photo album on FaceBook.


As 2015 came to an end I had accomplished my goal to take a photo a day the entire year.

Well, mostly!  In looking at the completed album I see that there are only 361 photos – missing 4…..not sure where I missed these days (update! Yay…..I found the missing 4 photos- I originally saved them to the wrong album)having 365 documented, I think is pretty darn good.

I wanted the theme of the daily digitals to be black and white with a little color thrown in from time to time .  I enjoyed the challenge of taking a photo each day.  Some days it was easy to find the perfect shot, but others I was not so inspired. I persevered and began to look forward to learning to view things through a creative eye with a different perspective and looking for that unusual angle and just the right light.

My goal was to capture everyday objects in a way that made you look twice at what was going on in the photo or to capture  that special look or feeling being expressed by a persons face or by their body language.

image image image image image image

All in all I am extremely pleased with my photos. I am going to put all the photos together in a book and have some enlarged to display.

I used the Photoshop app on my phone to edit the photos.


Please  take a look at the album and I would love your feedback.

Happy New Year !


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