Chloe Belle has a New Blanket & Bandana

I save pretty much anything because I always think I can make something out of it. Recently I cut up some thrifted jeans to make into distressed shorts. I had a pile of jean scraps so I decided to use them to make a blanket for my Yorkie, Chloe Belle.

She is super spoiled (ofcourse) and she loves sleeping on blankets.  Using the jean scraps for one side of her blanket I think is a great way to recycle. I used some flannel for the other side of the blanket and to make her a bandana.

Follow steps below to complete the project.

Cut up your jeans to make all pieces the same size squares.


Trim the edges.  (save for another project, you never know!)

Stack squares and adjust sizes as needed.

Lay out your squares until you have your desired size and pattern.


I love the look of the frayed edges on jeans, so I sewed mine to leave the seams exposed for fraying.   This is the top side.

This view is the inside.


After sewing your squares together wash the piece to fray the edges.


Cut your lining fabric to size.

Pin wrong sides together.


Sew with wrong sides together leaving raw edges exposed.  Keeping with the fraying theme.


Trim any extra fabric from the edges.


I stitched another seam, but it is optional.


Wash again to fray some more and you are done with the blanket!


Super Simple No Sew Bandana-Measure neck.

Use measurement to cut out a triangle using the neck measurement as the longest point.

Use pinking shears to cut out.


Done!!   Chloe Belle loves her new blanket and Bandana!

Would love to see pictures of your blanket and bandana, please share!


Until next time….

Creatively yours,


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