Summer Sewing with Alexa & Zayda

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I love Summer, it is a great time to spend leisurely days with family and especially the grandchildren . Since school is out we have more time together to do activities that we sometimes don’t have time for during the school year.

Recently Zayda asked if I would teach her how to sew.  So we asked Alexa to join in on the lesson as well. Zayda is 9 years old and Alexa is 11 years old.

I decided to start off with an easy to sew pillow (a square shape – 12 x 12 inches) and Zayda was also interested in sewing a sea creature so we added a fish pillow (found the simple fish pattern on Pinterest) to the lesson.

See photos below for step by step.


First project: 12 x 12 inch square pillows.

We first cut a square approx. 12 x 12 inches out of brown paper for the pillow pattern. Pinned the pattern to our material and cut out the square.

Zayda and Alexa received a lesson on the parts of the sewing machine and how each works. Then they practiced sewing on some scrap fabric before tackling their pillows.

Zayda and Alexa begin sewing their pillows. They leave a small opening so they can stuff the pillow, then they they trim the edges and the corners.

The fun begins when they turn their pillows inside out and stuff them with pillow stuffing.


The girls get a short lesson on hand sewing then begin to sew the opening closed that they used to stuff the pillow through.



2nd Project: Simple Fish Pillow approx 8 inches long by 6 inches wide.

Zayda and Alexa cut out their fish using the fish pattern we found on Pinterest.


They then pin the right sides together and sew around the edges leaving a small opening to stuff the fish through. Sewing on curves is a bit more challenging then sewing a straight line, but the girls were very attentive as I guided them through the process. They then clipped around the round edges, turned the fish inside out,  stuffed  with pillow stuffing and we sewed the opening closed on the sewing machine using a zig zag stitch. – DONE!


Alexa and Zayda enjoyed a swim in the pool after their sewing lesson and proudly displayed their Certificates of Achievement in Sewing they received for completing the sewing class.

You can find the certificate on Pinterest here CERTIFICATE

Back to swimming………………………….

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Would love to see your sewing projects.  Please share!

Until next time…………

Creatively Yours,



Many thanks to my granddaughters, Alexa and Zayda for a fun sewing class!!!

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