Summer Sewing Class with Zayda & Alexa Session Two

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This weeks Summer Sewing Class was a blast.

We made a skirt and t shirt pillow in this session.

Alexa and Zayda were great students and enjoyed learning how to make a simple one seam elastic waist skirt along with a no sew t shirt pillow.

We decided to create a YouTube video of or little sewing class this week and had so much fun – check out the bloopers at the end of the video!

Our simple projects were as follows.

Easy One Seam Elastic Waist Skirt

Supplies: 1 yd material (approx based on size of skirt) elastic, thread

Measure: measure around waist then double that measurement. Measure the length from waist to the desired length you want your skirt to be then add  2 inches.  Cut out your skirt using these measurements.

Fold material in half and pin.  Sew the pinned edge.  Fold down top edge approx 1/4 inch then iron.  Fold down again the with of your selected elastic, iron then pin.  Sew the casing and leave an opening to insert your casing.  Insert elastic then sew opening closed.

Iron bottom edge up a 1/4 inch then fold up another inch, iron then sew all the way around.

Iron your skirt and you are done!

Easy T Shirt Pillow

Supplies: Large or XL T Shirt, scissors, pillow stuffing

Cut a square shape out of the body of your t shirt.  Cut strips into the edges of all four sides your t shirt. Cut off excess material at each corner so that you have an even amount of strips on each side.  Tie the top and matching bottom strips into a knot on three sides then stuff your pillow and complete the tying. You are done!

Check out our YouTube Video showing step by step of the above projects.  Watch through to the very end for our Bloopers, so funny!




Share  your projects with me, would love to see them!


Until next time…….

Creatively Yours,



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