Friday Finds

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It’s Friday !

I was out and about and ended up stopping in Marshalls   Marshalls Page    to see what great deals I could find. I have had my eye out for all things bamboo lately after I purchased my first set of bamboo flatware. I am in love with bamboo!! Check out this site for some interesting facts on Bamboo.  And this site Totally Bamboo

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly and used in a wide variety of products.

Now on to my FRIDAY FINDS………..

First up. I have seen these wood cake stands/servers everywhere lately and have been waiting to get one. So today in Marshalls I found this one and it was on the clearance shelf!  $16.00  Similar one here

Next………….I got these Bamboo Salad Hands for $4.99  Similar here

Absolute fav is Pink Himalayan Salt! Got this at Marshalls today for $3.99


I have tried several products containing charcoal and love them.  Got this sponge for $3.99 very excited to try it!   Similar here


Found this cool Bamboo container to house my Pink Himalayan Salt! Love it!! $6.99  Similar here


Other items I found in the most beautiful blue……

The Makeup Blender $3.99    The Exfoliating Body Scrubber $$2.99      The Anti-Static Brush $3.99


That wraps it up for this weeks “Friday Finds”

Would love to hear about your great finds, please share!


Until next time…………….

Creatively Yours,


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