National Thrift Shop Day August 17, 2016

“During National Thrift Shop Day, thrifters not only celebrate the values of up-cycling, re-using, smart shopping and thrifty fashion, but by shopping at Goodwill, they can have an even greater impact: they can help put unemployed or underemployed neighbors back to work,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International.

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Today, August 17, 2016 is National Thrift Shop Day! YAY!!  Not that I need a holiday to get me out to do a little thrifting, I have been an avid thifter for years!  I have not heard of this holiday before but so happy its here!  In researching this holiday the origin of it is unclear. But all posts on National Thrift Shop Day points us not only to a way of  saving money but to help out charitable organizations.

Thrift Stores (Second hand store,resale shop,etc) offer a wide variety of items. The greatest feeling is that moment you find exactly what you were looking for at a great price  or that you have just found that hidden gem! You just never know what you will find.

Check out the Thrift Stores in your area, make a list and head out for some fun. Post  your finds with #NationalThriftShopDay

I found a site that allows you to enter your zipcode and will pull up all the Thrift Stores  in your area.  Click here: National Thrift Store Directory

Check out these great Blogs that share tips on Thrift Store Shopping:

The Art of Simple

Thrift and Shout

Live Love DIY

Mary Elizabeth


Some of my great thrifted finds……….

Click here to go to my post “Thoroughly Thrifted Threads”


Have a great day of thrifting. Share your finds with me and don’t forget to post them with #NationalThriftShopDay.

Until next time…………

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Some sites with information on NATIONAL THRIFT SHOP DAY include:


National Day Calendar

Worlds Special Days

Days of the Year





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