Easy Bandana Wreath 


The SewCraftSwim Gals got together and whipped up this Easy Bandana Wreath and had a lot of fun making them!

With just a few supplies and an hour you will have a beautiful wreath to display.

Follow the simple steps below and enjoy your own custom wreath to decorate your home.

For our wreath we used an 18″ wire wreath form. 18 to 20 bandanas. Scissors. That’s it!

Open up your bandanas length wise and cut down the center.

Roll up into a tube shape lengthwise.

Place on wire form as shown above and pull the ends through the loop.

Continue adding your bandanas and pull securely.

Continue adding your bandanas until full.

Brinsley cutting her bandanas.

Alexa getting her bandanas ready to roll.

Brinsley rolling her bandanas.

Zayda adding her bandanas to her wreath form.

Alexa and Cora working on their wreaths.

Alexa has her wreath almost done.

Cora rolling the bandanas.

Zayda pretty happy with her wreath!

Meet the SewCraftSwim 2017 Gals:

Alexa – Brinsley – Cora and Zayda!

Stay tuned for more of their summer adventures!!

Creatively yours,


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