The SewCraftSwimGals Sew up some Quick and Easy Aprons

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This week the SewCraftSwimGals featuring Zayda, Brinsley and Cora Belle learned how to make a super quick and easy half apron.

Heres how they did it:


Choose 2 contrasting fabrics
Cut out your fabric following the measurements above. You can adjust your sizes as needed. Piece “A” is the apron body. Piece “B” is the Waistband (contrast fabric)  Piece “C” are the apron ties.  Piece D are the pockets (contrast fabric)

Gather the top edge of the apron body until it matches up with the length of the waistband. Pin and sew in place.
Iron the top edge of the waistband then fold over to the wrong side of apron covering up the seam. Pin and sew in place. Then fold side edges in 1/4 inch and iron then fold over again pin and sew.
Fold up your hem about 1/4 inch then fold up again, pin and sew to finish the hem of your apron.
Fold in and iron the edges on the wrong side of the pockets and sew in place.  Fold down the top edge once more and sew in place.
Pin pockets to front of apron and sew the sides and bottom edges to the apron.
Make your ties by folding them in half wrong side out sew up the sides and bottom leaving one end open. Turn your ties inside out. Iron.
Fold in the open end of your tie and pin and sew to side of apron band.

You are DONE!

These girls did an amazing job sewing their aprons!

Here are Zayda, Brinsley and Cora Belle making their aprons.


This is Cora Belle wearing her apron while making breakfast for her family!

cora apron

(Photo Credit: Cora’s Mommy)


This was such a fun project. Please give it a try and share your project with me.


Until next time…………

Creatively Yours,



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