Our Angel in Heaven


On October 16,1984 our little angel, Chase Milton Walker, was born prematurely.

I had been sick with pneumonia and one complication after another led to my water breaking and the doctors giving us the news that he must be born immediately.

So on that afternoon of October 16th, our 1 pound 5 ounce son came into the world. Chase was a fighter but his lungs were too underdeveloped and after being with us for 1 hour and 57 minutes, Chase went home to Heaven. This was the hardest moment in my life.
He was 13 inches long and I remember his shoulders, even as tiny as he was, were broad and strong. He was beautiful. He was handsome, he was our Angel. He was my baby boy.

So many friends and family were there for us  during this time and helped with our other 3 children. They brought us dinners and groceries and other needs that helped to keep things running somewhat normal for our children. Our dear church family and friends prayed for and with us and offered words of encouragement that helped us to be strong and get through those first days of grief.  

We planned Chase’s funeral surrounded by family and friends.  

Chases headstone is very special to us to this day.  Each year when we visit Chase on his birthday his headstone is a reminder of all those who had helped us purchase it. Cullen and I were a young family working hard to provide and so many people came together and offered donations to help us purchase Chase’s headstone.

We have talked through the years as to whether we should replace it, but we always come to the same conclusion to keep the original one. This headstone was purchased with so much love and support from so many family and friends whom the Lord had put in our lives and we will always be so thankful to them for their generosity.  Chase’s headstone is a special gift we will always be grateful for.

As I sit here now, 33 years later, going through his album, reliving the events of his birth, touching his photos, reading his Birth and Death Certificates, I am comforted and know that the Lord has blessed us with this little angel who is and will forever be in our hearts and is our Angel in Heaven.

We love you so very much Chase and know that we will be united again one day, what a glorious day it will be!

“Children are a gift from the Lord…” Psalm 127:3

2 comments on “Our Angel in Heaven”

  1. Thank you, Constance, for sharing Chase’s story with us. What a sweet tribute! I can’t even imagine how difficult that time must have been for you all. Isn’t it amazing to think that when you enter heaven, he will be there waiting to greet you. The Lord has certainly blessed you all with two more sons after him and now almost 11 grandchildren. Our God is an awesome God! Love you all!

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  2. And… now I’m crying. I am an old sap but that was truly a touching devotion to Chase. It really shows the power of Jesus through his disciples. Everyone coming together to help and provide. The way you described your time of loss is now a memory of faith and love.

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