Distressed Jean Jacket DIY

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I love distressing garments!  I don’t know its just something about changing up the look that I love.  I’ve distressed a ton of things, some came out good some were disasters!  But I think this one is a good one.  I found this jacket while thrifting some time ago and look at the brand………”CJBLUE”  It was not my size, but ofcourse I had to get it.  I never wore this jacket because of the heavy bulkyness of it.

The other day I was purging my closet and pulled this out.  That’s when it hit me to give distressing a try. Maybe it would turn out to be something that I would actually wear.  Distressed jean jackets seem to be all over the place right now. So if it turned out I would have a trendy item. Fingers crossed!

This is the jacket before.

I began by cutting off the botom band.

Next I cut off the collar and the cuffs.  I think that after a few washes this would have been a great look but I decided to take it a step further and do some bleaching.

At this point I did not take a pictures of the bleaching process because I was wasn’t exactly sure what or how I was going to bleach it.

I filled a spray bottle with half bleach and half water and started spraying away letting it sit after each application.  Then spraying it some more in different areas.

After washing it I then got some scissors and made some cuts in different areas of the jacket and with some sand paper I distressed the cuts even more.  After a couple more washings to get the jacket to fray in the exposed cut areas, I was done.


This is the final product, I love it.  My favorite part is the collar area.

What do you think?   Can’t wait to pair this with a cute summer dress!


Until next time……………..

Creatively yours,


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