Pinterest Inspired OOTD(as a 61 year old)

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Ha! Every time I say “61” I have to laugh because I can’t believe it!!

My body may be changing but in my mind I’m still in my 20’s,30’s, heck even my 40’s.

But truly I am thankful for each and every year I am blessed with and embrace the fact that I am now 61!!

Along with this though I have struggled with redefining my style as my body changes.

In my head I think I should still dress a certain way, but it just doesn’t translate the same anymore. So I am always searching out inspiration for looks to try.

Let me also say that really and truly you should always wear what you love and expresses “YOU” no matter your “age” I firmly believe this!!

So for today as I was scanning through the endless style on Pinterest I came across this outfit. I had the pieces in my closet. Sometimes you need a little nudge to take what you already have and style it in ways you wouldn’t think of.

While this is really a basic outfit, my regular go to has been leggings with a duster. So it was great to pull these out of my closet to wear,

Let me know how you are inspired to create your style ❤️

Photo on left is Pinterest-Me on the right

Creatively yours,


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