Shoe DIY Fix

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Got these great shoes with an amazing heel while thrifting. But when I got them home and was cleaning them up I noticed some spots on them. I used my arsenal of shoe cleaning products to try and remove the spots but ended up leaving even bigger lighter spots. 🤭 oooops!

After kicking myself for aggressively trying to clean off the spots I had an idea to cover up the spots with paint. 😀 Yay!!!

But, would it work??

The spots as seen in the photo above just wouldn’t come off. I scrubbed so hard I just made it worse.

I had this gold paint on hand so I decided to use it to over the spots and refresh the leather upper.

First I taped the toe areas and sides and stuffed some paper under the leather upper part so the paint wouldn’t spray where I didn’t want it to be.

I started with a light coat and let it dry completely. Then sprayed another final coat on.

I love how these turned out and was able to give them a second life and not waste them!❤️

These shoes are so comfortable and unique can’t wait to wear them.

Until next time……

Creatively yours,


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