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I love taking fashion ideas I see on Pinterest or in magazines, etc. and then styling them my way.

Challenging myself to do this is not only fun but gets me to try styles I wouldn’t have normally tried or thought of.

My Pinterest Inspired OOTD is super casual, comfy and very versatile.

My OOTD ( on the left) consists of:

Champion Fleece Jacket: Target $29.99

Nine West Black Bag: Marshalls/Clearance $24.00

Avia Leggings: Walmart $12.46

Athletic Works Shoes: Walmart $9.98

Sunglasses: Walmart $5.00

The Inspiration OOTD ( on the right) I found on Pinterest.

The Athletic Works Shoes have memory foam and are so comfortable!

I absolutely love the leggings!! My new fav!

Until next time…….

Creatively yours,


#walmart  #target  #marshalls

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