First Responders and Emergency Workers

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Received a letter in the mail today and this stamp was on it.  It was the first time I had seen this one. I learned from that the special stamp was created to honor all First Responders and Emergency Workers.

I am deeply thankful for their hard work and bravery. We must always remember and pray for our first responders as they face extreme and sometimes heartbreaking situations. My heart goes out to them and their families.

Yesterday in our town not far from where I live there was a horrific multi car accident.  Many First Responders from all branches of Emergency and law enforcement were called to the scene.  They worked tirelessly and for long hours on this accident.  The outcome was devastating for many families involved.   I can only imagine what the responders must go through physically and mentally when dealing with this kind of situation.


May we always remember our First Responders and keep them in our prayers as they selflessly give of themselves to protect and take care of us.
Stop by USPS to read about this stamp which was launched in September 2018.

First Responders Come to the Rescue

“First Responders Come to the Rescue on New Forever Stamp”


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