Recycled Plastic Bag T-shirt Transfer

The process is quick, easy and fun!!!

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When I first came across this project I was skeptical.  But when I bought a bag of oranges and feel in love with the artwork on the front of the plastic orange bag I decided to finally give it a try.  The process is quick, easy and fun!!!


Recycled plastic bag graphic – Iron set to no steam – Tshirt – Parchment Paper

My White Tshirt

Recycled plastic bag art I cut from a bag of oranges that I bought at the grocery store.

Parchment Paper

I started by ironing the wrinkles out of my shirt.

Cut out my graphic from the plastic bag and placed it on the front of my t shirt.

Cover the entire plastic bag with parchment paper.

Press firmly and iron the entire plastic bag.  I held the iron over all areas and pressed firmly.  The plastic bag transfer is completely ironed down when you can no longer lift the edges of the plastic bag off of the shirt. You may have to go over it several times.

Once the plastic bag is adhered to the shirt slowly lift off the parchment paper.

You are done!  I love this recycled project!  I see more of these in my future!!

Until next time………

Creatively Yours,


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