Recycled Bottle Cap Toys

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We have been saving plastic bottle caps or plastic lids for quite some time. I have a ton of ideas for making art projects with them.

My grandsons, Zane and Case spent the afternoon with me so we decided to use some of the caps and lids and plastic things to create some toy trucks.

Using glue sticks and E6000 glue Zane and Case used their imagination to create some very cool trucks.

Zane created a Water Tank Truck and Case created a Monster Truck.

This was so much fun and can’t wait for our next project we will be creating with all my Grandchildren (12) during our yearly Nannie Camp in July.

Here’s a short video of Zane snd Case and their Recycled Bottle Cap Trucks!!

Hope this inspires you to create some cool art using recycled materials.

Until next time…….

Creatively yours,


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