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Hiking The Gordon River Greenway Park & Baker Park

Beautiful park with so much to offer. A Must Do when in Naples. #gordonrivergreenwaypark #bakerpark #naplesflorida #hiking Hope you enjoy the video and let me know if you experience this amazing piece of Florida Landscspe. Until next time, cjBlue

Making a Cup of Matcha Tea

I Love Matcha. Haven’t used it in a while so while up late and wearing my leopard robe, I tried my hand at a cup of Matcha Tea. One big problem though, my frother broke. Had a major spill trying to use my immersion blender. Not a good idea! So I had to improvise. The

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Lemon Ginger Turmeric Tea

Click here to go the video on my YouTube Channel I love Turmeric! I sprinkle it on salads and in recipes. I like to make Golden Milk with it,click link below for a great Golden Milk Recipe: 5-Minute Vegan Golden Milk And I enjoy Turmeric Tea, try this recipe below: Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea Recently while

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Warm Milk – Couldn’t Sleep

  Couldn’t sleep. Didn’t want to make coffee yet (it’s 4:00AM) so the idea popped into my head to make some Warm Milk. Googled a warm milk recipe and this one from came up. Note:this recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of sugar, but I only used one teaspoon in my warm milk. So

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My Carrot Raisin Salad

I used shredded carrots, raisins, pineapple, vegan mayo, fresh lemon juice,salt,honey. This recipe is made to taste. I don’t measure – I just mix it all together and adjust the amounts according to my taste. I like mine a bit tangy with a hint of honey and a pinch of salt. So good!! #carrotraisinsalad #carrots

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Friday Finds

Woe this week has flown by!  Time for Friday Finds, again! I have some interesting, delicious, beautiful, fun and gorgeous items this week…lets get to it! Went in to HomeGoods for the first time in quite a while and found this beautiful wooden bowl.  I am on the hunt for all things Bamboo, but this bowl

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Easy Rainy Day Fun with the Kids- Magic Paper Art

Magic Paper Art Saw this on Facebook and wanted the grand-kids to give it a try.  Watch the video for our version of Magic Paper adapted from the Facebook post by BabyFirstTV Here is the link to their page   BabyFirstTV   Try this with your kids or grand-kids and would love to see your creations!!

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