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SewCraftSwimGals 2018

SewCraftSwimGals 2018 is getting geared up for a great season. Check out their Facebook page and follow along on their adventures. Click link below: SewCraftSwimGals Until next time. Creatively yours…………   cjBlue

The SewCraftSwimGals Sew up some Quick and Easy Aprons

This week the SewCraftSwimGals featuring Zayda, Brinsley and Cora Belle learned how to make a super quick and easy half apron. Heres how they did it:   You are DONE! These girls did an amazing job sewing their aprons! Here are Zayda, Brinsley and Cora Belle making their aprons. This is Cora Belle wearing her

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Fabric Pocket T & Button Barrette 

The SewCraftSwimGals got together this week to make some cute projects. We also stopped in at Dollar Tree – these gals are so much fun!! Take a look at their projects below. Fabric Pocket Tshirt. Supplies Needed: ~Tshirt (we got ours at Walmart) ~Fabric to match Tshirt ~Pocket Template – we used this one found

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Quick Pillow & Blanket by the SewCraftSwimGals Week #2

This weeks SewCraftSwimGals feature Alexa and Cora as they sew a quick and easy pillow and blanket made from a super soft and cozy Minky Fleece. Alexa and Cora purchased just two yards each of the Minky Fleece in really cute patterns. ​​​​​​ They opened out their fabric and left one long edge folded. Next

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Summer Sewing Class Field Trip

This week for Summer Sewing Class we took to the road for a field trip to Jo-Anne’s Fabric and Crafts. Brinsley, Alexa and Zayda were excited to go on our little trip and learn how to read pattern books and patterns. But they were most excited about all the fabric choices! The girls scoured the

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Sewing Class with Zayda and Brinsley: Tote Bags!

Great Sewing Class with Zayda and Brinsley. Zayda and Brinsley learned how to sew up a quick and easy Tote Bag this week and did great!  We had fun choosing the fabric, assembling the tote and creating this fun video. Their favorite part were the Bloopers! This bag is good to carry anything in and even

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Summer Sewing Class with Zayda & Alexa Session Two

This weeks Summer Sewing Class was a blast. We made a skirt and t shirt pillow in this session. Alexa and Zayda were great students and enjoyed learning how to make a simple one seam elastic waist skirt along with a no sew t shirt pillow. We decided to create a YouTube video of or

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