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Conversations with Case & Wren (while painting pumpkins)

http://www.youtube.com/watch Spent some time today with Case who is 4 and Wren who is 3 painting some pumpkins and having awesome conversations! Let’s just say they like red and pink and princesses and Superman. They are so cute together. Check out our video on YouTube. The link is above. So fun!!! Until next time…… Creatively

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Zanes Spider-Man 5 Cake

November has arrived and brought with it a month full of birthdays for our large and crazy family! My grandson,Zane, turns 5 this month and he decided that he wanted a Spider-man Cake. So we logged on Google to find the exact cake he wanted for his birthday party. I was getting pretty nervous when he

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Vintage for the Fall Season

Can’t wait for Fall to get here, my fav season! Even though it’s still smoldering here in Florida, I pulled out my vintage Pendleton plaid dress I got from Evolution Vintage-Love it!! #evolutionvintage http://www.evolution-vintage.com EvolutionVintage ETSY Shop Navy Sam & Libby Booties from Target Navy Sam & Libby Booties Love this necklace, but for the

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