Darby Smart………….OOOOPS!!

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I saw the ad for an introductory offer to receive a Darby Smart DIY Box for payment of shipping only.

So I  thought, “Sure, lets give it a try.”

My box arrived, I was pretty excited to see what I had received.  The contents came nicely packaged and in order.  You receive a card that tells you the story about the origin of some of the supplies you received in your box.  Which for my box included wood that came from a small woodshop in California. They tell you a bit about the woodshop and give you the contact info if you are interested in learning more.

My “TO DIY FOR PROJECT” was a DIY Photo Transfer Album.  Interesting. Looked easy enough.  So I logged on to the website, printed out the step by step instructions and got started.

Instructions are clear and with pictures.  I got the project to the point where you need to let it sit and dry for at least 24 hours. Sit it did.

Next step, Gently wipe off the top layer of paper to reveal you transferred photo beneath. Yes, well….mine did not so easily rub off and in fact the photo began to rub off the wood. Oh no….

Where in the process did I go wrong? What, did I miss something?   Who knows!  So I will re-purpose the supplies into something as soon as I scrape the rest of the photos off of the wood pieces.

Sorry Darby Smart!

Moving on………………



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