Fairy Garden Fun for Summer


Fairy Gardens or Miniature Gardens seem to be popping up everywhere and are perfect for a summer DIY.  The creative possibilities with these gardens are endless. You can use most any container and “fairy decorations.”  Truly so fun to create.  This is how I made mine.


Gather supplies

Container for your garden.  This can be absolutely any container based on the size you want to make.

I used an old rusted portable fire pit. This worked perfectly as it already had holes for drainage in the bottom. I spray painted the entire piece before I added my garden items.

Fairy objects.

You can use pretty much anything that you like. Decide your theme and have fun. I based mine on color. What? yes, I wanted blue to be my main color to work from. I found my pieces at Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Craft Store.

Bus with surfboard

Blue hanging lantern

Blue Adirondack Chairs

Small pebbles or stones use as the bottom layer for drainage.

Soil /Fertilizer

Miniature plants

The plants I used are the following which I purchased from the Home Depot Garden Dept.

Portulaca, Celosia, Schefflera,Gold Moss,Exotic Colorama, Kosmic Echeveria

I chose the above, based on color. But there are so many different plants you can use.

Put it all together

First I spray painted my container using  Krylon Sea Glass Satin

We put a small layer of rock on the bottom then added the first layer of soil.

We then played around with placement of plants and objects. I drew out a little mini plan for how I wanted my garden to look.


When we were happy with placement we planted our miniatures added fertilizer and topped with another layer of soil.

Then we  added the miniature objects and the rock as the driveway leading to the camper and chairs.



You have got to try this!  So much fun to do and this can be made to suit your space and environment for either outdoor or indoor enjoyment. Tons of ideas out there, do a little research on plants and container ideas and plan out yours. Fairy Gardens on Pinterest or here with Broken Pots so many great ideas!

Have fun and share your Fairy Gardens with me, would love to see yours!

Creatively yours,



A big Thank you to my Production Assistant Zane Walker

and to Charlie Walker for supplying the soil / rock and fertilzer


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