Upcycled Thrifted Sweater to Beanie

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Upcycle!!! My absolute favorite thing to!!!

past tense: upcycled; past participle: upcycled
  1. reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.
  2. “the opportunity to upcycle trash, or turn it into new products, was vast”

(Google’s English Dictionary by Oxford Languages)

Might be a bit too early for a Beanie here in Florida but I had to make it!

By using a beanie I already had as the pattern and this thrifted sweater, in a matter of minutes this cute and simple beanie was created.

I simply laid out my thrifted sweater. Placed my beanie on top along the edge of the sweater keeping the ribbed edge and cut around it adding about 1/4 inch for the seam. Then sewed around the raw edges with my sewing machine then you can either zig zag the edges or serge your edges.

I then hand sewed the Pom Pom to the top. Done!!

Here is the link for the “faux fur Pom Pom” I bought on Amazon:


Thrifted Sweater

Let me know if you make one and share your beanie with me. I would love to see them!!

Until next time……..

Creatively yours,


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