Zanes Spider-Man 5 Cake

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November has arrived and brought with it a month full of birthdays for our large and crazy family!

My grandson,Zane, turns 5 this month and he decided that he wanted a Spider-man Cake. So we logged on Google to find the exact cake he wanted for his birthday party.

I was getting pretty nervous when he saw this:

Spiderman 3D Cake

Spider-Man-Cake     I was secretly hoping he would not choose that one – all I saw was disaster. I started thinking how I would make it.  I could use Rice Krispies treats to form the body.  I could use a Styrofoam head form as the head and then cover the whole thing in red fondant. My head started spinning.  But, if that was what he wanted then I would for sure give it my best shot. Because as a Grandma, that is what we do ……right?

Well I didn’t have to fret for too long because as he continued his search through the hundreds of variations of Spider-man cakes he came across this one

Number Five Spider-man Cake


And he smiled a big sweet smile and said, ” Nannie, I like this one. Can you make it?”  And of course I said, Yes!!

Follow the pictures below showing the steps from start to finish.

I made a blue velvet cake with red frosting. I embellished it with a spider web of black frosting (I forgot to take pictures as I was piping on the web) and then added various Spider-Man trinkets.

I think it turned out pretty cool- Go Spidey!!

Happy 5th Birthday to our Grandson Zane!!! Nannie and Pappie love you!!




Baked the blue velvet in a large sheet pan, cooled it completely and cut out a five.

image image

I crumb coated it and put back in fridge to set while I mixed my red frosting.

image image

Frosted the entire 5 in red then piped on the web with black frosting.


image image

image image image image image



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